I can’t say enough good things about Cook Insurance. Insurance is a struggle for me.  How do I know what I need, what about rules change, my lifestyle changes.  Dale & Susan Sales always take their time with me to make sure I understand my insurance.  I may not understand it completely but they always make sure it makes sense in my language.  My wife and I are both clients of Cook Insurance and so is my mother.  They walk us through things step by step.  I know if I have a question they always help me.  If I get a bill I don’t understand they explain it.  My wife battled a bill that we didn’t understand and it was a billing issue they took were able to get the bill taken care of that we didn’t owe.  Before I probably would have paid the bill I received, but now I know things happen and insurance changes and I don’t keep up with the change but they do keep up with the change.  Be sure you check out Cook Insurance they are one of a kind that doesn’t disappoint.  I can’t thank them enough for everything they do for my family.  Thank you!  Stan M