Jim, is a medicare beneficiary.  He had a recent sickness and qualifies for skilled nursing facility coverage through Medicare.  The daily costs in the skilled nursing facility is $284 and Jim receives services for 30 days.  With Jim being on Medicare he pays $0 for days 1-20.  And he pays 167.50 for days 21-100.  So Jim is now left with out of pocket expense totaling $1675.  Through a Skilled Nursing Rider that he included in his Hospital Indemnity Plan, Jim chose the benefit of $100 day per day.  His Hospital Indemnity plan paid him $3000 to help him supplement the cost of his care.  A hospital indemnity plan can add benefits to your needs we can build a plan that is unique for you.  To find out more about what a Hospital Indemnity Plan can do for you and how it fits your unique needs contact us today at (641) 856-3375.