A Hospital Indemnity Plan can help cover your expenses in case of a hospital stay.  A stay in the hospital can be traumatic to not only your health but to your wallet and to your family.  Even if you cover medical insurance most likely you will have out of pocket costs.  A hospital Indemnity Insurance plan can provide you with supplemental cash benefits to use however you want.  For the most recent and up to date information and to find how a Hospital Indemnity Plan can benefit you and meet your unique needs contact our licensed insurance agents at (641) 856-3375 and discuss your needs today.

A hospital confinement benefit pays for each day of confinement in a hospital, you get to choose the number of days per confinement. A hospital Indemnity can include observation benefits, emergency room benefits, transportation or lodging, mental health, ambulance services, outpatient therapy, skilled nursing, can even include cancer riders, outpatient surgery riders, urgent care and more.  Contact us to find out more about a hospital indemnity and what it can do for you.  We can pick, adjust and build the plan that is right for you!