Do you know much about hospital Indemnity?  Do you know what a hospital indemnity plan could do for you?

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To tell you more about Hospital Indemnity, I would like to tell you a story about Jenna.  Jenna age 66, was at home in Iowa one day when she tripped over a box and broker her wrist in two places.  She went to the emergency room and spent three days in the hospital.  She then wore a cast for six weeks, after which Joanna went to outpatient therapy 12 times.  Fortunately for Joanna, her wrist healed and today she is as good as new.

Because she had a Hospital Indemnity Plan, Jenna also came out okay financially.  Her medical costs were over $5,000.  Her medical insurance paid much of the expenses, but Jenna still was left with out of pocket costs, including deductibles and coinsurance costs.  There were other costs associated with her surgery too, during her recover, she had scheduled house cleaning help and had to have groceries delivered to her.

What Jenna owed:  Medical Bills: $5200     Her medical Insurance paid $4400 leaving her with a balance of $800 as her responsibility.

However, Jenna had purchased a Hospital Indemnity with two riders.

So Jenna Hospital Indemnity $300 X 3 = $900     Ambulance $250     Emergency Room $150     Physical Therapy $50 X 12 = 600.  For a total of her Hospital Indemnity paid her $1900.

Because Jenna had purchased a Hospital Indemnity that included an ambulance service rider and an outpatient therapy rider, she was able to pay her our of pocket and allowed her to have a little money left over to pay for the house cleaning costs and anything else that she wanted or was unexpected.  Her indemnity plan was less than $25 a month for what she chose to fit her needs and budget.

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