The biggest shopping day of the year.  Black Friday!  Do you ever notice how much more expensive the holidays get and we give stuff, we get stuff.  But what does the stuff really mean, how long does it last, what is the purpose?  This year we want you to look at the holidays and gift giving different this year.  Give the gift of life insurance.  Life insurance is a way to give to your family.  Life insurance can be looked at as a gift of Love.  The purpose of life insurance is to protect what you love. How long does it last it lasts more than a lifetime.  What does it mean? It means love.  So why not instead of buying more meaningless stuff you look at insurance for you, and your family!  Contact out licensed insurance agents and let’s discuss your unique family needs and let’s show you what life insurance can do for you and for them.  Our agents are here to help guide you and provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family, please contact us at (641) 856-3375. Give the gift of Love – Life Insurance