So September is life insurance awareness month.  So have you called our office yet and discussed your options?  What are you waiting for?  Are you worried about what insurance companies are looking for?  Well that is why you need us!  We will find a plan that best fits your unique needs.  Different insurance companies will look at different things.  Also depending on how much your insurance you need will also depend on how we look at your life insurance needs.  Your medical history past and current will play a role in determining cost and in some cases declines for insurance. Being sure that your blood pressure and cholesterol are also in check. If you are a tobacco user you are going to pay more for your policy.  Your height and weight can also adjust the cost of your policy. Do you have certain hobbies that could make you a higher risk, racing, scuba diving, rock climbing just to name a few. Do you plan to travel to foreign countries, yes this could result in higher premiums. Your driving record could effect you so keep your moving violations to a minimum.  Your family history can also play a part. Are you thinking wow why is so much involved. Insurance is about risk and the more issues you have could result in higher premiums because you become a higher risk.

The best way to find out what premiums would look like for you, is to call Susan at (641) 856-3375 and let’s discuss your situation and come up with a unique plan that fits you. We have many options, let’s shop around for the best option for you, so don’t let the background of what is looked at stop you from contacting me today to find more out about life insurance for you and your family!