In today’s world we have so many distractions.  Some distractions that we never realized were a distraction it just sometimes seems common or normal to us.  Did you know that driving with your pet in the vehicle could be a distraction, they may get excited, may want to be on your lap, may want you to pet them.  It may not seem like much but it could be considered a distraction.  What about road construction have you ever been in road construction and taken your eyes off the road so you can see what construction is going on?  Is it new exit, is it a new bridge, a bypass, filling in holes, any construction can be a distraction when you pay attention to the construction and not the roadway.  How many of us eat on the road, there are drive thru restaurants every where. It is convenience run through drive through grab a sandwich and eat on the road and get a beverage.  But we never thought that eating would be a distraction.  Smoking cigarettes in the vehicle can also be a distraction in many different ways.

Distractions will always occur that is certain.  But what we can do is Focus on getting to the finish line.  Every time we get in the car being alert along the roadway and focused on arriving at the finish line.  Sometimes we all need to step and re-focus.