Running a business can be tough.  Keeping employees can be tougher.  All business go through turn over. How can you maybe attract employees to work for your business and to stay with your business.  As a business owner you have probably thought about the time it takes to train an employee and just when you get that employee trained they move on to another company.  Then you have to train a new employee again for the same position.  Training takes time and money and to have to keep training can feel like you are getting nowhere.  Sometimes as a business owner we need to look at what we offer to employees.  And also talk to your long time employees and ask them what drives them to stay.  Staying interactive with your employees shows you care about them, they will appreciate you take the time to hear their voice and listen.  Many business owners like you believe they cannot afford to offer a benefits package.  You may not know exactly what you can offer in a benefits package.  Let us help your business come up with a unique plan that will fit your needs that you can offer to your employees.  Healthy employees means less time missed from work and that is a win for you. Call our office today at (641) 856-3375 and let us discuss with you and give you some options that you can offer to your employees so that your business may remain competitive with others and your employees won’t jump ship.  A benefit package may be all they are looking for.  So why not see what is available and discuss your options before saying you can’t afford it, you may just be surprised!