Have you thought about what would happen if something should happen to you, say a sudden illness or an injury and you were going to be unable to work?  Wouldn’t you want to protect your paycheck in an event that may result in unknown time of being unable to work? Think about it, without a paycheck how do you pay your bills, buy groceries, fuel, rent and more.  Life doesn’t stop after an injury or illness if you are laid up without being able to work the bills still come in the collectors still want paid. This would be where disability insurance comes in.  Disability Insurance can help ensure that if you would be unable to work, that you can continue to receive income and be able to make those ends meet until you return to work. I am sure you are thinking well I have savings I will be alright.  But with Disability Insurance you are also protecting your savings too.  You have worked hard and what if you are off longer than what you have savings for then what do you do?  Do you need disability insurance?  well do you have a job?  If you said yes then we need to talk because you most likely need disability insurance.  Contact Susan at (641) 856-3375 and let’s discuss what disability insurance can do for you!