Have you ever thought about what the future holds for you?  Have you looked into Long Term Care Insurance?  We never want to admit we are getting older and we always thing maybe I won’t need that or well I will check on that later.  But what if you develop a chronic illness, what if you become disabled and can no longer care for yourself?  Yes these are things we don’t like to think about.  Well I won’t need that for years and years I don’t need it today.  While that may be true you don’t need it today but look at it another way. Can you buy car insurance on a car after you had an accident, no you won’t be insured after the fact.  Same thing happens with Long Term Care you can’t wait til you need it.  Isn’t your life savings worth protecting?

Long Term Care services are not just for older people.  Anyone who might have a debilitating illness or injury that requires care around the clock.  Don’t think well Long Term is just for old people.

The best way to find out if you need it is contact Susan at our office at (641) 856-3375 and let’s go over a plan for you and find out if Long Term Care Insurance is right for you.