As summer is winding down, college bound students are packing up to head back to college.  It is time to make sure your insurance policies cover them while they are away for school.  Weather it be their first your off to college or their last, make sure your health insurance covers them while they are away, make sure you car insurance covers them while they are away.  Do you need to look at renters insurance or does your policy cover their belongings it is better to know they are protected while they are away then to find out after you didn’t check your policy.  It is also time as they are heading to college to prepare them for what comes next.  Have you talked to them about their insurance needs and what they need to start thinking and planning for get them involved now to ensure they will have the coverage they need when their time comes.  Let us help contact our office at (641) 856-3375 and let us help you and them.  With us you are always treated like family.  Even when you are away from home!  Call us today.