Did you know that just like winter driving safety, there is also summer time safety when getting behind the wheel.

During the summer there are more people outdoors, in your neighborhood, in the streets, in parking lots, parks, beaches, attractions.  There is more human activity everywhere, and it’s up to you to stay alert and to slow down.

Motorcyclists and Bicyclists are also traveling more in the summer.  Stay alert and watch out for all cyclists.

Sun Shine – everyone loves to see the sun shine. The sun’s glare can be even harsher during the summer time.  Have sunglasses or your visor ready at all times you never know when the glare could be blinding.

Obstacles in the roadway – Keep your eyes open for obstacles of any sorts that you may need to maneuver around.  Lots of people are moving during summer months you never know what you might encounter in the roadway.  Along with any results of any storm or wind damage, leaving debris, tree limbs and more as an obstacle in your pathway.

Construction – Construction is happening more and more year round or as much as works can they are working on our roadways.  Please slow down in construction downs keeping you and the workers safe.

Heatstroke:  Parking in the summer our cars heat up quickly, do not leave children, others or pets alone in a parked car.  This can result in injury or even death from a heatstroke!