If you’re on Medicare, you’ll receive a new Medicare card in the mail within the next year.  Still waiting for your new Medicare card?  Want an easy way to check on the mailing schedule?

Visit:  www.medicare.gov/newcard to check for updates about the mailing process.  You can also use the website to sign up to receive an email when your new Medicare card is in the mail.

Have questions about the new card?  Call Jen or Susan today at 641-856-3375.

Starting in April 2018, CMS began mailing new Medicare cards to every person on Medicare. The mailing will occur in waves and will continue through April 2019. Local Medicare members will automatically receive their new Medicare cards in the mail and should not receive them (before June of this year/until next spring).

It’s important to note that this change will not impact Medicare benefits. The change is taking place to help combat identity theft in seniors.

A transition period for individuals to use both their new card and old card will last until December of 2019. However, once the new card is received in the mail, it is recommended that the old card is destroyed via scissors or a shredder.

This change has already caused confusion and a number of scammers are taking advantage of the situation. Remember, Medicare will never call to ask for money, personal information, or threaten Medicare benefits.