So you are making the leap and leaving home.  But wait, your parents have always covered your health insurance.  Now what? Well dealing with health insurance as a younger person can be difficult. How do you know are you uninsured, are you losing coverage through a college health plan, or are you losing coverage through your parents’ plan, now you are not sure what to do next.  Looking for insurance can raise all sorts of questions: Do you need it? Can you afford it? Maybe you are never sick and think you don’t need it, How do find a good plan.  Well at Cook Insurance we don’t want you (or your parents) to worry about making sure you have the right Health Plan.  To be able to make the best choice and to protect you, you need a plan that is unique to your needs.  You could make a big mistake by not getting covered.  But with us working for you, we will make it easy to compare plans and discuss your options so you understand what you are getting, what your coverage is and making sure your doctor is in network and much more.  Contact our licensed insurance agents at (641) 856-3375 and let us help you.